Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Time!

These last few days were filled with family, friends, and food!  Lots of all of that mixed in with Christmas and packing...we are finally HERE!!!! We leave tomorrow for Pittsburgh then off to the Dominican Republic.  We hit the ground running with the first group coming the following day.  Just how we like it...busy! 

We are grateful for all the provisions to get us to this point and look forward to the next season of ministry the Lord leads us in.  We want to encourage all of you that we all are on a mission from God!  Make no mistake, you are exactly where He wants you to minister or He would move you.  Serve Him right where you are!  We look forward to hear how God uses you in your mission field for such a time as this!

As you think about New Years Reslolutions we encourage you to ask the Lord if He would lead you to go on a short-term mission trip this year. We believe Americans more than ever need this.  Why?  Come and find out!

Spread the word about our blog.  Please remind folks they have to sign up to recieve updates.     

                                                                     Until the Nets are Full,
                                                                    Brian, Jen, Jamie, Elliott

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas as missionaries

This Christmas season is proving very different!  How do you celebrate Christmas as a missionary?  Well there have been several adjustments for our family this year...
   1. limited space has cut back decorating
   2. limited space means no holiday parties to host
   3. leaving a few days after Christmas means lots of packing, no room for presents.
   4. missionary salary is limited so our list of who we buy for has been cut
   5. how do you buy a present for your kids and figure out how to pack it to take with us
How is it better?
   1.  Jesus!!!! Our eyes are focused on Him, not the activities we used to be busy doing.
   2.  More time to visit family and friends because we aren't running around decorating and shopping
   3.  Jesus left His home to be with us.  We are leaving our home to be with Dominicans. 
   4.  The music and food...we are living it up since I have more time on my hands to cook and bake!
   5.  The joy and wonder in our kids faces as we enjoy time together- watching movies, looking at Christmas lights, and sharing Christ's love with folks around us- priceless!

As you prepare for all the activity this Christmas Season, whatever your traditions, that it will be FULL of JESUS

Merry Christmas!
Brian, Jen, Jamie, and Elliiott

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Beginning of a new chapter

Welcome to our blog!  We hope that this will be a great tool for us to stay in contact with YOU!!!  So make sure you check it out often and RESPOND!  Enjoy the updates as we set out on our new season of ministry Dec 30th!