Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Madness/ March Miracles

 This March we have been blessed with  Miracles so perhaps we should rename it to
March Miracles instead of March Madness? 

      MGM  had two groups the month of March.  One at the beginning of March and one at very end.  When groups are in session, MGM hires teen boys for various jobs around the center.  Not only do they get paid, they get to eat the days they are scheduled to work.  Without the groups, some of the boys have found their way to our house for meals and entertainment.  We want very much to meet their needs but were discouraged at the cost involved. Not only financial but time investment.  As we looked at our financial situation and homeschooling, we felt concerned about how we could take care of so many.

     Grandma Ginny arrived with a care package!  What a blessing to see so many encouraging notes, treats, and MONEY!!!  YEP!!!  She brought with her a gift of money from a lady from home. We were able to take the teen boys with us to the pool and the beach that week.  We were able to feed them almost everyday at least one meal if not more. Not only that, Grandma Ginny has inherited a few more Grand babies. Thank you for helping!  Miracle 1

    The next week  we stressed again wondering how to take care of the flock. We know that  the scripture says, "I was hungry and you gave me something to eat... What you have done for the least of these, you have done for me."  Our solution was to feed the boys on Sundays and take them to church with us. Sundays would be the day we would set aside for them. If Brian needed help from one of them during the week, we would feed them for their work.  We felt that was the best we could do.  It was necessary so that Jamie and Elliott had quiet time without the boys hanging out to accomplish schoolwork.  We had the boys over for dinner that evening and told them the news, although our hearts were aching the whole time.

       We watched the Blindside and Jamie said we were like that family on the movie. Our hearts broke again.  We just told the boys only Sundays. We prayed and asked God to help us make a better solution for the teens and us. 

        The next day we went grocery shopping.  We brought along one of the teen boys to help us translate.  With his help, we spent less money and got lots of food!   We were pumped.  Jen made dinner and don't you know...there was plenty of leftovers!!!  The next night, same thing, and the next!!!  It was as if the Lord took our fish and bread and multiplied it! Miracle 2

         Jamie and Elliott got behind in school with Grandma Ginny's visit.  Within a week  they are now caught up and ahead!  Jamie and Elliott worked hard this week and doubled up on their schoolwork.  Brian was able to work with some of the boys outside the house and we had mostly quiet days. Late afternoons the boys were invited to join  MGM"s basketball team.  The evenings were quiet because the boys have school at night. Our family had some needed down time. Everyone  had their needs met.  Miracle 3

         We noticed that giving was down the month of February.  It was a little discouraging yet we told the Lord He was in control.  We got good news this week that we get an income tax return!  Praise the Lord!  We also got notice that First Baptist Church sent us a support check!  Just to top it off, we were told that a gift of money came from an independent donor family!  How big is our GOD!!!  Miracle 4

          Brian was approached by a young man to build a table for his apartment.  He is all alone.  His mom left when he was 7 and his dad kicked him out.  Brian told him he would help him build it but he needed to come and work with Brian.  Brian was able to find enough scrap pieces from the earlier groups to help him build a table.  We delivered it this week!  It was amazing to see his place, how little he had compared to us and yet how how grateful he was to get a table.  He offered to pay Brian.  No way!  God used Brian's gifts and your support to help bring a blessing to our new young friend.  Miracle 5

          We will finish March with our last group until June. We look forward to April and May, how God uses us and the resources He has supplied to meet the needs here. We are thrilled to serve a God who not only hears us but gives in abundance to take care of His people.  We are glad to be used as His hands and feet.

            So what do you think?  March Madness or March Miracles?  You know what we think!

Brian and Jen, Jamie and Elliott and the boys