Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 2012 Update

      We realize it has been too long since we have updated our blog.  Part of the reasoning for that is that while we were in the Dominican Republic this winter, our Internet service was in bad shape.  One of the many adjustments we have to deal with as new missionaries.  Please know we appreciate your feedback and prayer support and as we can update you on what is happening, we will.

       Our family arrived in USA for Easter.  It was wonderful to spend Easter with our family and friends from home and to worship both at First Alliance in Erie and Grace McKean.  It was fun to bump into folks and see the shock on their faces to see us around.

        The reasoning for our Spring return was to get Jamie and Elliott back to Creekside Christian School for the 4th quarter and the PA standard tests.  Brian will return to the Dominican Republic without Jen and the kids to get MGM ready for summer teams.  Jen and kids will arrive June 3rd to spend the summer in Hato Mayor with Brian and the summer teams.  This is the first time our family will be apart for this long.  Prayer is requested for all of us.

        The kids are doing well adjusting to being home.  Jamie is excited about 8th grade graduation.  We are pleased with the young lady she is turning into.  Jamie looks forward to returning this summer to the Dominican Republic and hopes to start doing some translating for the teams.  We are currently touring schools and looking into high school options for her next Fall. Jamie is still feeling led into studying medicine in the future. We are looking for a school that will work both in the States and when we are in Hato Mayor.  Pray the Internet service in the Dominican Republic becomes reliable.

         Elliott's front teeth are coming in!  His looks are changing.  Our little boy is looking more and more like his daddy.  Elliott still enjoys hanging out with his MANY friends both in the States and in Hato Mayor.  He is always got a question or 30.  He is loving being back in school with his buds and so is Jen! 

         Jen is spending time training up youth leaders in the month of May.  She is excited to share her years of experience with others who are currently serving in youth ministry.  Jen also was able to speak at a Mops group in Erie and is enjoying spending time with friends.  Of course, she is wishing the weather would warm up so she can get a few more runs on the Ninja.

         Brian spent April working on a project for the family.  When we finish the summer trips, the family will be moving from Harborcreek to Millcreek.  The apartment Jen's sister and family had generously shared is getting crowded and so Jen's parents offered a space for us to live in when we are Stateside. This location will be closer to Brian's work and also allow Jamie and Elliott to have their own bedrooms.  Brian has been remodeling a room to get it ready for our move.

        We also are excited about the changes in the Dominican Republic.  If you haven't heard, three of our close friends are expecting their first babies!  Erin and Rosanny (MGM missionaries) and Jacqueline Crocker (former MGM missionary) will be blessed with baby boys in late August...yep, all due the same time and all boys as far as we know!  NO!!!  Jen is NOT expecting!  We look forward to helping the new families adjust.  It is quite an exciting time for everyone! 

          One last exciting bit of news for the summer; since Erin is expecting, she will be heading Stateside as soon as Jen and kids arrive to get ready to deliver baby boy in the states.  Jen will be a busy girl trying to fill some of Erin's roles.  Lauren Harris from First Alliance will be spending the summer session with our family to help out while Jen is busy.  She is also coming to work on a MGM promo video.  We are so excited to have her be part of our lives and grateful for the Lord providing helpful hands to come alongside us.

           In conclusion, if you are coming to the Dominican Republic this summer, we look forward to spending time serving Jesus with you.  If not, we ask for your continued prayers and hope you will join us soon.  We couldn't do what we do without you!  Thanks for your continued support! 
Dios te bendiga! Amen!

                Until the Nets are Full,
                Brian, Jen, Jamie, and Elliott Heinrich