Saturday, August 25, 2012

God keeps moving us forward!

The summer is slipping away and as we look back to update everyone we are thrilled to share how God keeps moving us forward.  Brian left for Dom Rep in May 2012 while the kids and Jen stayed home in order for kids to finish up the school year at Creekside Christian School.  Jamie graduated 8th grade, 2nd in her class! We were so proud of all her accomplishments.  A day after graduation, Jen and kids were on a plane to join Brian in Hato Mayor for summer session.

June was fast-paced. We saw 5 weeks of teen groups roll in and out of the center.  God did incredible work in the lives of the young people.  It is rewarding to see the impact of the trips and the eternal destinies impacted because of the work of the Holy Spirit.  What a privilege to serve in a ministry that moves people from darkness into light.

Our family flew back to Erie,PA in July.  We got home and moved from Harborcreek to Millcreek.  We are currently staying with Jen's parents who have made room for us in their basement.  We are happy to say all of us have our own bedroom!

Brian got back to work the week we returned at Cornerstone Construction. We are so thankful for God's provision for work while we are stateside since we are unable to make money in the Dom Rep.  The income we make stateside allows us to build up our support money for when we are away serving.  We dip into our support to pay for plane tickets, health and car insurance, school, and living expenses only when we are in the Dom Rep.  It is critical we come home to allow that savings to grow.  Some have asked why we come back and forth, we hope that helps to explain our situation.

We had a busy summer catching up with family and friends and sharing at a couple of churches.  The kids and Jen are now transitioning to school mode.  The kids will be attending Erie First Christian Academy.  Jamie will be in 9th grade and Elliott 2nd.  We chose this school because they were the most willing to work with our travel schedule.  With that said, Jamie is still limited to her out of class time.  Jen was offered a job to teach gym classes for k-5 part-time then act as substitute teacher as needed.  God always takes care of us.  Thanks to Jen's parents, Cornerstone Construction, and Erie First for allowing us flexibility with work and school, we are still able to be strong with our service to MGM.

This year we face a new challenge. As mentioned above, Jamie is limited to out of class time from school.  We have prayed, spoken to several mentors, and Jim and Mary Lou McDonald. We have decided to limit our service time in the Dom Rep this school season to keep our family together.  With MGM's blessing, Brian and Jen will finish up 2012 in the Dom Rep for week in October 2012.

For our 2013 season, Brian, Jen, and Elliott will spend the month of January in Hato Mayor.  Jamie will stay in Erie the first part of the month then travel down and join her family the final two weeks.  The month of March, Jen and Brian may be back and forth covering 3 weeks of independent groups.  It is unclear yet what the kids schedule will look like.  We all plan to be together for the summer session serving with MGM.  We are thankful to MGM and our team to understand how strong we feel about keeping our family together. 

Speaking of family, the missionaries we work so closely with have had their babies!  MGM will never be the same.  We are pleased to come alongside our MGM family to help them by taking on more duties as they adjust to life with infant boys.  Congrats to Arturo and Rosanny, Erin and Joel, Tito and his wife.  We are waiting to hear from Justin Crocker about their baby.  We look forward to a new season together as we roll into another MGM year. 

While in Erie we are asking the Lord what plans He has in store for us.  Already He is opening doors and allowing us opportunities to serve while stateside.  As we seek His will, pray for us that we move with Him, not move ahead or lag behind His plan.  What a great adventure we are on! 

Thank you for the faithful prayer support, encouraging words, and sacrificial giving to keep us strong serving in the Dominican Republic.  God is always at work and we couldn't do what we do without YOU!  You are vital in the plan.  So thanks or gracious!  You are making an impact for eternity in lives of Americans, Dominicans, and Haitians.  Because of you, God's work is moving forward!

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