Sunday, August 14, 2011


Summer Highlights

         We made it through a very busy summer at MGM!  What a great adventure spending 6 weeks in a row with some very amazing folks! The first group was the largest group from CVCA School.  They brought 139 people to begin our summer session.  The following week was less people but a little stressful as one of our missionary couples needed to head home for an emergency.  We were much relieved to see them back the following week of 109. The following weeks seemed simple after such a demanding start.  The best way to describe it would be a youth group retreat for six weeks in a row!   

         We saw the Lord work not only in the Americans who came to serve as missionaries, but we heard several stories of God using the teams to meet spiritual needs, physical needs, emotional needs, and financial needs of the people living in the Dominican Republic. What a great way to spend our Summer!

         Our family had a personal ministry this summer.  We opened a MGM store where folks could purchase snacks, drinks, and souvenirs. The proceeds of the store helped Freddy, a Dominican teen in need.  We were able to purchase Freddy a scooter with some of the proceeds from the store.  Our family hopes Freddy will be able to get to school easier and be able to find work now that he has his own wheels.  It was a good day for all of us as he drove in to show us his new ride!

     After a demanding six weeks we were ready to head home for some R&R. It had been seven months and it was time to head home for a visit.  Our family landed in Pittsburgh on July 27th.  Since being home in the States we have enjoyed reconnecting with family and friends from home.  Our family has been blessed to get to go on a vacation to the Outer Banks.  We are looking forward to a week at the beach before school begins.

    Jamie and Elliott will be starting school in less than two weeks at Creekside Christian School.  The kids will be stateside doing traditional school until we all head back to the Dominican Republic after Christmas.
They are happy to get to go back and be with their friends.

     Brian was offered a job the first week back.  We are thankful for the Lord providing work for him as our schedule is so crazy. Brian will be heading back to the Dominican Republic in October without us for a few weeks.  We will miss him but know what he is doing is important for MGM.

     I am asking the Lord to fill my days with ministry opportunities while home. I am putting the word out that I am home and available to be used in ministry areas.  So far, the Lord has already opened a few doors for me to meet with some teens in crisis, speak with a mission board, and set up some commitments to share with some churches about MGM and our family's personal journey.

     While we are stateside, our family is working with MGM. We are helping to promote the mission to churches and answer questions for groups heading down.   If you know of a church that would like more information, please contact us and we will be glad to help.  We enjoy sharing about the mission of MGM.

Until the Nets are Full,
Brian & Jen, Jamie & Elliott 

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