Monday, October 24, 2011

Sometimes people mention to Brian and I that they aren't sure what we do in the Dominican Republic. It makes us wonder if we need to explain better what Brian's job entails with Meeting God in Missions.  Facebook is a great way for us to keep connected with friends and family from home but just like you, you don't post your work post your play!  We may have caused some confusion with the pictures and comments placed on facebook. It may have left some to conclude we are always at play.  Not the case!  I hope this blog will help explain better what the ministry of MGM is and the important role Brian plays.

Meeting God in Missions is an non-denominational ministry seeking to support the body of Christ and experience God through helping others in short-term mission ventures.  Our purpose is to bring Americans to the Dominican Republic  to have a life-changing experience with God. Our hope is that it will  impact them the week they are serving and that they bring that back to the churches they came from.  The Haitians and Dominicans benefit from the help the Americans bring by the following ministries: construction, dentistry, optical, medical, sports, vbs, prayer/village care, and whatever else the Lord does in that week.  Consequently, the Americans get challenged and blessed by serving the Lord on a mission trip.

Our family works as support to the ministry of MGM.  Brian's title is head of maintenance. He heads up the buildings, houses, vehicles, tools and grounds.  Brian's knowledge helps keep the center  functioning as well as can be.  From plumbing to electric, Brian is constantly at work keeping the center safe and effective so the Americans have a reliable place to stay while on their trip.  It is no wonder why Brian is such a good fit for MGM, he can fix just about anything. 

When the groups are not in session, Brian spends lots of  time with maintenance on the facilities to get them ready for the next season of ministry.  When groups come in and out each week, it takes a toll on the center and Brian is constantly repairing and upgrading.  Not only that but our neighbors come and ask Brian for his help on projects in their homes and churches.  He is a busy guy from early morning to late into the evening.

Brian also has been mentoring some of the teen boys who live in our community.  They come and work alongside Brian to learn a skill that will help them in the future.  Brian has played a "father figure" to these boys.  Most of them do not have a Godly man influence in their immediate life, so Brian has been able to set an example to them.

The kids and I are busy during days doing school.  When groups are in from America, I have been helping with the shopping for the center.  I also spend time with the Americans and the local folks building relationships, listening and praying with the ones who desire it.  I took on a new role learning to create a snack each night for the Americans as they returned from church.  A baker is born (sort of)

Jamie likes to try to go to the villages when she is done with school.  Jamie is interested in medicine and has a compassionate heart. She has been our champ in learning the language and helps us when we need to communicate.  This summer Jamie and her Dominican big brother, Freddy, ran a small camp store.  Half the proceeds went to Freddy to help him buy a scooter.  Jamie is saving her money.  It is fun to watch her mentor her brother in money exchange and also inventory.

Elliott is also used in the camp.  He has a way of connecting with both Americans and the locals. He brings lots of joy and laughter to everyone.  Elliott is a pro M.K. and is excited about getting back to his friends in Hato Mayor.  He likes to brag that he is the most popular person in the Dominican Republic.

Our family is currently stateside until after Christmas doing school, speaking at church groups about MGM, and also working to build up our savings to head back for another season of ministry in January 2012. Brian has been working various jobs around the area. I have got a few jobs speaking to help with our savings. Brian will be flying back to the Dom Rep without us in early December to work on a water system and the roof of the center.  We will miss him but glad the center will be ready for the beginning of the January short-term trips.

Please continue to pray for us as we are new to overseas missions and have lots to learn about being missionaries.  We desire for the Lord's name to get all the glory as He alone deserves it.  We are thrilled He's called us to represent Him in this way.

Dios te Bendiga
Brian and Jen, Jamie and Elliott

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